Bowties and big smiles at our groomsman Brandon's wedding
This photo sums up our relationship.
We got engaged on our way to Phoenix, and drove past a carnival in the middle of the desert while we were there for the weekend. Naturally we had to go check it out!
Sam sneakily snapped a photo of Aaron asking her dad's permission to marry her
Groomsman Max made a birthday scavenger hunt for his wife Heather, where everyone dressed up in kigurumis.
When Sam ran a half marathon in San Diego, Aaron surprised her at the finish line, dressed as a banana.
Celebrating our engagement at a beautiful winery in Santa Barbara, one of our favorite places to spend a weekend.
Hanging out a a brewery on 2 year anniversary - a typical activity for us. Sam is wearing her favorite sweatshirt - MOODY!
Went rowing in Central Park for Sam's birthday in NYC. Didn't capsize.
Michelle Taylor