Samantha and Aaron

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The Story

We can't wait to celebrate our wedding day with you. While our plans have not changed, we have decided to monitor the evolution of the COVID-19 situation for a few weeks before mailing our official invitations. The health of our loved ones is paramount, and we want to be sure we can safely share this day with everyone on June 6th.


Aaron and Sam met online in February 2017. (Sam works for Tinder, but they met on a competitor app - don’t tell her boss!) Within the first minute of their first date, Aaron dared Sam to steal a Swedish Fish from the bar's garnish tray, and Sam devilishly obliged. Things were off to a great start.

On their second date, Sam really started to take notice of this new guy. He started off by taking her to play with puppies, then showed off his brewing skills and put together a beer tasting at a bar, where they got to know each other while playing games (Sam made up rules to "Subjective Guess Who”). As they were playing a Michael Jackson arcade game, the chorus to Smooth Criminal came on and they both started doing a silly dance at the exact same time. That’s when Sam knew that Aaron was someone she wanted to keep around.

Fast forward to March 8th 2019, when Aaron and Sam were on their way to Arizona for Sam’s mom’s birthday, where her family was flying in for the weekend. They were at the airport waiting for their flight, when Aaron pulled a letter out of his backpack and handed it to Sam. It was sealed and addressed to himself - postmarked about 6 weeks after their first date. Puzzled, Sam opened the envelope to find a note from Aaron reading, "Samantha Stevens is the woman I'm going to marry." As Aaron got down on one knee, the entire terminal erupted in applause like a scene from a movie.

The past few years together have been full of lots of adventures, hugs, and laughter. They challenge each other every day to be better, and support one another in pursuit of their goals. And they are SO excited to celebrate their wedding with their friends and family!
Michelle Taylor