Wedding Party

Catalina Velasquez

Maid of Honor

Catalina and Sam met Sophomore year of college at Georgetown University. The first night they met, they ended up in Sam's dorm room and talked until 2am, immediately becoming best friends. They became roommates in D.C. after college, and shared the joys of navigating post-college life by each other's side. From their first jobs, to their first time attempting to use self-tanning lotion (orange-streaked legs were not a good look for either of them), they spent many nights sharing takeout on their couch, planning the rest of their lives together. Catalina is the fiercest, strongest women Sam has ever met, and she inspires her everyday. She is currently getting her PhD in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Brooke Hollabaugh


When Sam and Brooke first met as coworkers in D.C., they did not like each other. After weeks of avoiding one another around the office, one day they were driving to a client meeting and passed crew boats rowing on the Potomac river. Turns out, they both used to row in college! They immediately bonded over the sport, and have been inseparable ever since - from training for half-marathons to traveling the world, with lots of wine and cheese along the way. Brooke is the reason Sam moved to LA: Brooke was recruited to work at Tinder, and convinced Sam she would love working there too. Brooke is a Product Designer at Microsoft, and the most brilliant and talented artist Sam knows.

Jessie Laurash


While Jessie and Sam went to high school together, it wasn't until they ended up living in the same freshman dorm at Georgetown that they really became best friends. From the first day of orientation, there wasn't a single day that went by that Jessie didn't make Sam laugh - often to the point of getting kicked out of the library for being too loud. Jessie was (and still is) Sam's rock, and she wouldn't be where she is today without their friend/sister-ship. After school, Sam and Jessie spent many nights in D.C. hanging out and attempting to bake semi-healthy treats at each other's apartments (don't ask about the green-juice muffins). Jessie works in private equity in New York.

Arielle Radin


Sam met Arielle during their Birthright trip to Israel. After a whirlwind ten days, Sam felt like she knew Arielle her whole life. They almost didn't come back to the States! On their trip, one of the stops was at a startup incubator in Eilat. Sam and Arielle came up with an idea, and the investor liked it so much, he offered them funding for them to stay and work in Israel. When Arielle was applying to PhD programs, Sam begged her to consider UCLA... where she is currently getting her PhD in Health Psychology.

Erin Sperry


Sam moved to Florida at the beginning of 6th grade. On the first day of school, she walked into class and anxiously looked around, not knowing a soul. Suddenly, Erin waved to her and said, "Come sit next to me!" They have been best friends ever since. Erin taught Sam - a city girl - how to climb a tree, row a kayak (despite almost getting lost at sea one time in the Florida Keys), and not be afraid to run barefoot through the grass. She inspires Sam to see life from a kinder, more thoughtful perspective, and always keeps her grounded. Erin is currently getting her LLM at the University of Miami.

Zacary Schwarzkopf

Best Man

Sometimes referred to as “Klaus” (though nobody is quite sure why), Zac is Aaron’s younger brother and an E.R. doctor living in Beverly Hills. Growing up, Aaron and Zac had a love-hate relationship that was much heavier on the hate (Zac’s fault.) However, Aaron and Zac now are closer than ever. These days, you can sometimes find them watching sports together or visiting one of LA’s classic eateries (Langer’s and Tommy’s are two of their favorites.) However, you are most likely to find the two of them communicating with each other through quotes from South Park, Archer, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Parks & Recreation, or Family Guy.

Max Gokhman


Max and Aaron met when the two of them lived in the same dorm at Claremont McKenna College. Though Max was two years ahead of Aaron, they immediately became best friends, bonding over their shared love of talking politics, good food, strong drinks, Arrested Development, and causing just the right amount of mayhem. While they are not causing as much mayhem as they used to, not much else has changed (though they are both extremely disappointed in the last two seasons of Arrested Development.) Today, Max works in finance and lives in Costa Mesa.

Brandon Nadel


Brandon and Aaron have been best friends since they were in elementary school together at Temple Emanuel. Nowadays, Brandon is an attorney in Los Angeles and actually works in the same building as Aaron. As a result, the two of them get to share their love of sports, food, and crude humor with each other in the elevators, during short breaks during the workday, or at lunch (though let’s be real, it’s usually over GChat.)

Matt Schlachtman


Matt and Aaron have known each other since they both started out as campers at Bruin Woods almost 30 years ago. While campers have come and gone over the years, Matt and Aaron are closer than ever. These days, the two of them spend some of their time together playing games, watching movies, or doing nerdy things like driving out to Glendale to try out the Star Wars virtual reality experience. Whatever they are doing, however, it will likely involve their passion for all things beer (whether it is drinking it, talking about it, or making it.) In fact, it is both of their dreams to one day open a brewery together. In the meantime, Matt is a data scientist in San Francisco.

Todd Schwarzkopf


Todd, a mechanic living in Huntington Beach, is Aaron’s older brother. While their 15-year age gap and Todd’s affinity for giving noogies made bonding difficult initially, they eventually realized that they have more in common than they would have thought. Whether it is their shared love of beer, barbecue, or DIY projects (Home Depot is both of their happy place), Aaron and Todd are two peas in a pod. Just don’t ask Todd about sports…